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Coach Joe

  • Coach Joe's family, wife Szilvia and one year old son Zador received some horrible news recently
  • Szilvia has been diagnosed with Stage 4 ASPS (Alveolar soft part sarcoma) which is inoperable. A very rare, slow growing, highly angiogenic (vessel-forming) tumor.
  • Szilvia has cancerous tumors in her pelvic area and lungs. Non-cancerous tumors in her liver.
  • Joe and Szilvia must go to MD Anderson Center in Houston Texas for tests and treatments every 2-3 weeks.
  • This is the only treatment available at this time to prolong life. It is a trial involving immunotherapy, the future in fighting cancer.
  • Regular cancer treatments are ineffective in fighting this type of cancer. This type of treatment will hopefully stabilize and reduce tumor size.
  • The struggle of fighting this disease will be long and very expensive

What can YOU do?

  • Join the Wildkit Family by providing a donation to Joe and his Family
  • 100% of donations will be given to Joe and his family
  • All processing fees will be covered by WSO
  • Please make sure to enter all donor information.
  • Donor information is NOT saved. It is for credit processing purposes only.

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