WSO Awards

Recognition Award All members of the team receive a Recognition Award for their contributions to the performance of the team. In any one year, a swimmer may not have achieved an individual milestone; however, they play a critical role in the performance of our relay teams and are recognized as a vital member of the team.
Bronze Award Achievement of one Regional time
Silver Award Achievement of one Age Group or Senior State Time
Gold Award Achievement of one Junior National Time
Outstanding Dedication Award Achievement of 90% attendance at practice and swim meets which you are qualified to attend. This is an award that requires dedication on the level of a State level swimmer. We expect 90% attendance as sometimes swimmers may get sick or have other valid reasons for not attending practice. We do not allow make up practices and we do not excuse swimmers from practice. This is a high level achievement award.
Tim Philip Memorial Swimming Scholarship 8th Grade student who will be attending ETHS who is exemplary in the following areas: dedication, responsibility, perseverance, cooperation and teamwork. These were characteristics that Tim Philip valued in students and team members and the characteristics that he displayed throughout his life.