WSO Board of Directors

President Chair who represents the club as its head.
Vice President Assists the President and takes over in the absence of the President and is chair of the membership services committee. Coordinates with coaching staff and members for social events and awards banquet.
Treasurer Pays bills, helps with the budget, maintains checking & savings accounts, coordinates with the taxes.
Secretary Keeps board minutes and handles board correspondence.
Head Coach/General Manager Registers swimmers with WSO & USA Swimming & collects all fees. Collects meet fees for USA Swimming meets. Sends out invoices. Handles all scheduling of practices, meets and coaching. Maintains WSO office. Maintains WSO website. Hires coaches. Handles team gear. Is meet manager for all hosted meets and helps to run and train computer operators. Handles purchases and upkeep of pool equipment and develops the budget.
Development Committee Develops and implements long-term projects for the future benefit of WSO, including membership drives and fundraising.
Meet Committee Runs all non-technical aspects of home dual meets and WSO-hosted USA Swimming meets. Recruiting volunteers, getting concessions and hospitality. Purchasing awards and coordinating with Head Coach as co-meet manager.
Officials Committee Insures that the Club has an adequate number of officials for its home meets. Schedules officials for meets and encourages the development of new officials.
Elections are held at the banquet. Terms are for two years. The President, Secretary and Chair of the Officials Committee are elected in odd-numbered years. The Vice-President, Treasurer and the Chairs of the Development and Meet Committees are elected in even- numbered years. All Board positions are strictly volunteer opportunities. All Board members pay the customary swim fees for their swimmers. At times the hours can be long but the success of our organization depends on our volunteers.